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Let's talk Crypto!

Have you every wondered how cryptographic systems work? What makes them secure? Why should I trust them? How can I try to verify that a given system actually is secure? How do I find vulnerabilities in cryptographic systems and in what ways can I exploit them?

The Cryptography foo is a meet-up for all of us that want to know the answers to these questions or have some answers to some of these questions.

Sessions[edit | edit source]

Here's a list of all the events giving you a brief idea on what we're doing:

 Has description
Cryptography foo/2022-09-15Dinge mit Cyphern
Cryptography foo/2022-09-22
Cryptography foo/2022-09-29
Cryptography foo/2022-10-06
Cryptography foo/2022-10-13
Cryptography foo/2022-10-20
Cryptography foo/2022-10-27
Cryptography foo/2022-11-03
Cryptography foo/2022-11-10
Cryptography foo/2022-11-17
Cryptography foo/2022-11-24
Cryptography foo/2022-12-01
Cryptography foo/2022-12-08
Cryptography foo/2022-12-15
Cryptography foo/2022-12-22
Cryptography foo/2023-02-16Dinge mit Cyphern
Cryptography foo/2023-02-23Dinge mit Cyphern
Cryptography foo/2023-03-02Dinge mit Cyphern
Cryptography foo/2023-03-09Dinge mit Cyphern

Contacts[edit | edit source]

If you've got anything regarding the event, just ping wirklichniemand.