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Table of printers[edit | edit source]

Name Description Network? Recommended use
DCP-9055CDN Color laser MFP (A4) yes printing & scanning
M276 Color laser MFP (A4) yes printing & scanning
DeskJet Color inkjet printer (A4) no printing on media unsuitable for lasers

Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • print on the smallest printer suitable
  • before printing, turn printer on
  • print single page to check your settings
  • after printing, turn printer off
  • donate money for your prints
  • Paper empty? Check "Schrank 1" second from the right, third from the left.

Usage[edit | edit source]

All network printers should announce themselves via zeroconf/avahi/bonjour. Simply start the printer and wait for it to appear on your system. You need to plug in the non-network printers to your device and set them up as you would setup any other printer.