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== our space ==
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== Our Space ==Chaosdorf is an [ Erfa] of the [ Chaos Computer Club] and a [ HackerspaceHackspace].
It is collaboratively run by members to work on technical projects, be creative, share skills, debate about political issues and have a lot of fun.
We are a non-profit membership organization (eingetragener Verein). Our decisions are based on [[consensus]], though we have some legally obligatory executive committee.
== visit us Visit Us == 
We are located in Hüttenstraße 25, Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way. (51°12'59"N/6°47'1"E)
You find [[directions]] on our wiki and a map entry on [ OpenStreetMap], on [http://bingedJust drop by and get startedit/1hsBa6V Bing Maps], or on [https://www. Guests are welcome at anyüsseldorf+%2F+Chaosdorf+e.V./@51.2166194,6.7836244,17z Google Maps].
== do things ==Just drop by and get started. Guests are welcome at any time. You might want to check our IRC-channel to make sure that someone is present to open the door for you, just in case.
== Do Things ==
* Use our [[:Category:Resources|resources]] for [[:Category:Projects|projects]]
* Visit or host [[Chaosdorf_WikiChaosdorf Wiki:Current_eventsCurrent events|events]]
* [[communication|Communicate]] with us and each other
== support us Support Us == 
* Give a [[donation]]
* Become a [[member]]
== documentation Documentation ==* [[Clubraum]]* Clubraum [[Maintenance]]* [[:Category:Services|Services]] for members
* [[:Category:Administration|Administration]]
* [[:Category:History|Historical]] entries
* [[Quotes]]

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