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== Participants (please register!) ==
== Participants (please register!) ==
* {{U|Ilias}}
* {{U|Ilias}}
* {{U|byte}}
* divado
* divado
* r2co
* r2co

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52455645525345 alpha
Reverse Engineering Workshop
Ort Chaosdorf
Beteiligt barbieauglendx

Reverse Engineering Workshop
Art Workshop
Datum 2018-07-16
Start 18:00
Host barbieauglendx
relevant? Yes

ReVeRsE Engineering - Welcome to the page of the reverse engineering group!

Reverse Engineering PEs is fun! It's like a puzzle and if there is an algorithm out there that can solve this puzzle, it's your brain =)

I, barbieauglendx, would love to take a look at binaries with you and figure out together what the programs do. They are often a lot easier than you might think!

If you want to participate, you will need a laptop (with charger!) with a Windows 7 guest machine. If you don't have it or have problems organizing it, please let me know before the workshop =) We can manage something! And if you have any questions, feel free to contact me under barbieauglend@chaosdorf.de!

Please read


- Virtual machine software (VMWare, VirtualBox etc...) - Windows 7 guest system with IDA Pro (Free 5.0 is acceptable) - Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 redistributable package

Let's dive into the blackhole of compiled code and understand the internals of the software running in our computer. It doesn't matter if you want to fix a broken gadget or save your files (now you know why to backup, right!?) from a ransomware, it is elementary to understand how they work. This is Reverse Engineering (RE), and it is done every day from recreating outdated and incompatible software, understanding malicious code, or exploiting weaknesses in software.

We are going to try to cover topics like:

  • Uses for RE
  • The tricks and pitfalls of analyzing compiled code
  • Identifying calling conventions
  • How to navigate x86 assembly using IDA Pro
  • Identifying Control Flows
  • Identifying the Win32 API
  • Using a debugger to aid RE
  • Dynamic Analysis tools and techniques for RE

I am going to bring some nice binaries which we can go through together. We are going to explore how static reverse engineering works and how can we use it to understand what a piece of malware does (hopefully!).

Participants (please register!)

  • Iliasx
  • divado
  • r2co
  • ueberspitz
  • ocyphert

other related things