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Reverse Engineering Workshop
Art Workshop
Datum 2017-01-15
Start 18:00
Host barbieauglendx
52455645525345 alpha
Reverse Engineering Workshop
Ort Chaosdorf
Beteiligt barbieauglendx

ReVeRsE Engineering

I am planning an workshop on reverse engineering PEs. Reverse Engineering PEs is fun! It's like a puzzle and if there is an algorithm out there that can solve this puzzle, it's your brain =)

I would like to take a look at one or two binaries with you and figure out together what the programs do. They are often a lot easier than you might think!

If you want to participate, you will need a Laptop (with charger!) with a Windows OS virtual machine. If you don't have it or have problems organizing it, please let me know before the workshop =) We can manage something!

Participants (please register!)