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|people={{U|Plantprogrammer}} {{U|Ilias}}
|people={{U|Plantprogrammer}} {{U|Ilias}}
== Please read ==
== Please read ==

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Deceive yourself alpha
Deceive yourself, become an expert in anything!
Ort Chaosdorf
Beteiligt Plantprogrammer Ilias

Please read

In this workshop you will learn some tools to influence your perceived competence. We’ve got you covered with: personal strategies to hack yourself, body language, as well as the proper mindset.

Have you ever been presented a challenge that you were not feeling competent enough for? Then this workshop is for you. Are you aware of your external perception, but struggle to get it on point in front of a client? Then this workshop might be for you. If you’re negotiating day in day out, this workshop is probably not for you.

This workshop will attempt to give you confidence in your abilities or at least show you how to be perceived as competent. Learn to acknowledge, accept and embrace your anxieties/insecurities and get rid of them by self-deception. By the end of the workshop, despite your doubts, you will be able to present yourself to others in a competent way.

#blockchain #consultant #wokeUpLikeThis

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