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wöchentliches öffentliches Treffen
Art Meet-Up
Datum 2013-01-18
Start 18:00
Dauer 8h
Host mxeyx

Dies ist der Freitagsfoo. Er findet jede Woche statt und alle sind eingeladen. Für eine Übersicht vergangener Abende, schau in die Kategorie Freitagsfoo.

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Spam is a PITA. There are several projects collecting information about spammers, spam sources, etc. Although I've opened a new one: The Spam Wiki. It is still very beta, and perhaps a Wiki is not the best tool for such a data collection, but it is something I am able to start with. The SpamWiki collects more detailed data about spam types, sources, and targets. It could for example be used to find out more about hosters and providers spammers are (ab)using, and which hosts are forming a botnet. The SpamWiki is English; the talk can be German or English (and only if I find another notebook with a browser, no matter which operating system, because my notebook's VGA is broken).

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