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OpenChaos are public talks and workshops held in our hackspace and others. At Chaosdorf, we decided to have them on the first Saturday of each month.

Interesting topics are anything relevant to the community include technical, political and cultural insights. On this page, we gather candidates for future OpenChaos events and get them organized. At Plenum, we pick the items, decide whether we want them and determine the actual date. The booking will then be confirmed by the contact person.

Speaker can be anybody (by any name) and contact person must be a Chaosdorf member (who is willing to organize the event). Language can be either german (de) or english (en). Booked events should get a separate page.

Future and Past

Actual OpenChaos events go here. To be touched by Plenum sudoers only.

Date Title and Link
2012-05-05 Hackerspace Design Patterns
2012-06-02 Soldering for Beginners
2012-07-07 Theory of Electron Laser Acceleration and Applications
2012-08-04 Verständlich Schreiben

Ready for Booking

If you know someone with a project you are interested in and who is willing to speak up, please add them to the following table.

Type Title and Link Short Description Language Speaker Contacted by Possible dates
Workshop Linux-Kernelbau für Einsteiger Linux-Kernel mit menuconfig zusammenstellen und selbst compilieren de froschx froschx Oct
Lecture Warum eigentlich verstehen Hunde die Menschen nicht? Über das soziale System zwischen Menschen und Aliens am Beispiel von Hunden de Katrin Buttkau nomasterx not May
Workshop Stricken für Nerds de Stricktux nomasterx Dec

Speaker Missing

You know exactly what it’s about, but not who will be doing it and when?

Type Title Short Description Possible Speakers Idea by
Lecture (Presentation) Back on the Moon Building a Lunar Rover Part Time Scientists dockanex, nomasterx


Great idea, let‘s stick it down here.

Title Short Description Idea by Interested
FreeDOS Vintage system operations mxeyx froschx, ragnarx
Nagios Explained Monitoring for hackers craigx froschx
Icinga Free graphing and how we use it derfx froschx
Dramatic Reading The Flame War of Politics mxeyx, feuerrotx
I See What You Did There Exploits explained mxeyx, craigx derfx, oerbx, newfagx
Processing dockanex
Optical Character Recognition The Science of Reading derfx
Hardening your System Workshop froschx
ARCADE Next generation drone architecture MaxXx dockanex
Cryptoparty Learn to use, embrace and enjoy encryption dictvmx


random thougts

(migriert von der Website)

  • Vim-Workshop (mxey) (*Oerb*, *Bison*)
  • Faxserver, per E-Mail beschickbar, teils anonym nutzbar (Frosch) (*Bison*)
  • Lockpicking Workshop (mickeyman) (*feuerrot*, *newfag*)
  • CaCert Vortrag + Workshop (muzy)
Zertifikate erstellen und einbinden (Michaela)
  • Vortragsreihe E-Mail: Technik, RFCs, best practice, hacks, Kultur der Benutzung... (*Oerb*)
  • Vortrag über Funk allgemein + Amateurfunk (*feuerrot*)
  • Erstellen von Projekte mit OpenProj (Oerb)
  • OHO - Old Hardware Orchestra, Ansteuerung Schrittmotoren (Scanner/Floppy-Drives) und 8bit-Computier wie hier (*Bison*)
  • Mono - C# unter Linux gemeinsam einarbeiten und lernen (Oerb) (*Bison*, *newfag*)
  • Chaosdorks - Chaosdorf-Videoclips
  • Hackabend - Practical Hacking, typische Löcher wie SQL-Injection auf einer HackMeBox von Mitgliedern ausprobieren lassen und erläutern (Craig) (*newfag*, *oerb*)
  • Videoabende
  • Gastvorträge zu Politik und Philosophie (Netzwerktheorie, Freiräume, Selbstorganisation, Gender, Ökologie, Geschichte der Szene, …) (nomaster)
  • Diskussionsrunde Post-Privacy (derf)
  • Vortrag/Workshop vcs-home (derf)
  • Solaris
  • OSM (Openstreetmap) auf Navis aufspielen (Michaela)
  • Freie Router (mit Freifunk) (Michaela)


  • Der Social Hacker - Psychologie und Hacken (ramses) (Ansprechpartner: frosch)