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Since the very first meeting in 1999 I am a member in chaosdorf.
Since 2001 I am treasurer.
I am also a member of the FSFE (Free Software Foundation Europe) and KDE e.V.

I am a real fan of Linux / FreeBSD / OpenBSD / Open source, so all my equipment have something to do with "open source" :-), as HDD Recorder I use a VDR (ReelBox), WLAN access point with Linux (UniFi), iRobot (Open Interface), N900 (Maemo), N9 (MeeGo), Metawatch etc.

My interests is to develop in C, C++ and Assembler.

So I organise the C++ User Group and BlackBerry Developer Group in chaosdorf.

I am interested in and support the following projects:

- Qt Project


- Mer / MeeGo

- Sailfish

- FreeRTOS


- BB10

So also I am interested in and support the following embedded boards/microcontroller:

- Atmel/AVR


- Carambola

- Raspberry Pi


- Metawatch (Watch with a MSP430)

Here are my Git Repos: