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E-Mail Adresse

Apron: Milliways, Photo: Ralph, Kitchen: Das Labor, Pudding: Eva

I’d like to introduce you and your friends to Chaosdorf by giving a tour of our space.



In my experience with student groups, social centres and activism, my (dis-)ability often lead to results, but I kind of felt limited. Of all the places in my past and current life, Chaosdorf is the most inspiring. There, I found out about my specialness by seeing it in others. Also, I can follow my urge for doing things freely and get lots of encouragement by the collective. (Thank you!)

vegan wtf?

I'm one of the few(?) vegan people in the hacker subculture. I won’t blame you if you eat animal products. I simply chose it for my own personal way of living. It is a versatile mindset for food hacking and a daily reminder to care for a healthy, lucky lifestyle. Like free software, veganism is some kind of radical approach. So I’m an anarchist. This means I promise to be honest, cooperative, non-violent and unwilling to accept any kind of domination. I came to the CCC, because it’s a non-hierarchical organization of people who see the potential of computers for achieving a free and peaceful society.

Update: I recently get in touch with a growing number of herbivore hackers all around. Yay!


My activities with computers cover systems administration, web development and networking. And a bit of multimedia. My other favorite activities include cooking (and eating). My special superpower is structural thinking. On the other hand, I have some kind of disability for communication under stress. The one leads to the other, maybe.

Currently, I’m working on these projects:

Further topics of interest:

  • The Internet infrastructure (Routing, Peering, BGP etc.)
  • Linux, Ansible, Docker, ceph, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.
  • Chaosdorf (construction of the hackspace)

Personal pages in this wiki:

  • Backup: about my backup strategy (obsolete)


Everything I’m involved with

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