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make nom
Ort Nomspace

We have a kitchen, suitable for cooking large. You can use it for preparing real food.

Please consider to cook for everyone (they should pay for it) and ask people about allergies and dislikes.

Devices[edit source]

  • Stove (4 gas burners, professional grade)
  • Oven (electric, air circulating, 300° C max, 1/1 GN)
  • Sink (2 large basins, electric continuos-flow water heater)

Cookware[edit source]

  • Frying pans (2x medium sized)
  • Cooking pans (1x huge, 1x large, 1x small)
  • Baking plate (1x 1 GN)
  • Grillage (1x GN)
  • Containers (1x 1 GN, 1x 1/2 GN)
  • miscellaneous other items

Machines[edit source]

  • Handmixer
  • Immersion blender
  • Sandwich toaster

Crockery and Cutlery[edit source]

  • about 20 bowls
  • about 10 plates
  • sufficient cutlery