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An event focused on "Capture the Flag" Events. The main point here is to get people into the security field in a welcoming way and provide a space for interested people to exchange knowledge.

The individual events which take place every two weeks at 14:00 and have a dedicated topic, but we're also quite flexible and can look into other stuff (So if you've got a topic you might be interested in, bring it up!).

We'll look at specific topics at each event and maybe play some CTF that is currently running afterwards in order to try out our newly learnt skills.

If you've got anything regarding the event, just ping hanemile.

Here's a list of the past events giving you a brief idea on what we're doing:

 Has description
Ctf-foo/2022-03-05Assembly Basics
Ctf-foo/2022-05-14Return Oriented Programming
Ctf-foo/2022-06-25Heap basics
Ctf-foo/2022-07-09Heap techniques
Ctf-foo/2022-07-23Race Conditions
Ctf-foo/2022-08-20Kernel Security
Ctf-foo/2022-09-03Symbolic execution
Ctf-foo/2022-09-17Automated Program Analysis