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The Enigma machine
A journey into secret radio communications
Art Lecture
Datum 2022-01-22
Start 16:00
Dauer 5h
Speaker tin
Host ytvwld
Ort VirtualSpace#Lounge
Relevant? yes

Dieser Vortrag findet auf Englisch statt.

This is a hybrid event. This means: If possible please participate remotely, if you have to attend in person for whatever reason don't forget to bring a certificate of vaccination and a mask and take a rapid test.

RPXM ZNXX QCRF TEJS ZTUA MQEB FDTA BQKO KUTS ABNH Can you understand this? What is it? Gibberish. Some kind of a cryptic code, message...? What does it mean? How can it hide a message ...? How do we break it? Wait, who used this, again? ... and why?

A longer description is available in the blog post.

If you want to attend, please leave your name on the talk page.