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I received so many messages with nice ideas (or just people interested) for a next meeting / workshop that I need to say I am overwhelmed! Thank you so much :D

For this I decided to ask here: what do you want to do next?

I would love to talk about security, vulnerabilities hunting, code analysis and malware analysis - and for that we would be also talking "in" Assembly (x86 and 64) and probably coding in python and C and also SMT solvers, logical programming , AI --> machine learning would / could / should be in our agenda....

What I want to say is: all the points and ideas you gave me are amazing and valid. And I would love to meet up to talk about that all but I guess I need a bit focus and directions - from you!

I don't to spam the intern@ a lot, so please use the discussion tab here for it :)

And yes! Save the date!

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