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This is the 'Bediko' template. If you use it and you are not Bediko, then there is no guarantee that Bediko will not fix it to be broken and ugly somewhere in the future. It should be used via Form:Bediko or in the following format:

 | name        = Name des Projekts
 | status      = (not implemented) idea|alpha|beta|stable|obsolete 
 | description = Beschreibung
 | image       = Name des Bilds (ohne File: davor)
 | location    = (optional) Ort im Club
 | people      = (optional) Beteiligte Leute
 | username    = (optional, not implemented) Falls nur ein Beteiligter: Wiki-Username
 | source      = (optional) URL zu repo / quelltext

Edit the page to see the template text.