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Arch User Group obsolete
Arch Linux Usertreffen + Projekte
Beteiligt nomaster

Who is it?[edit]

The Arch User Group is an open group for people using Arch Linux.

Arch Linux is a free software operating system and a community driven project targeted at power users. Our user group embraces these concepts.


Arch Teapot[edit]

Because people stopped showing up, Arch Teapot is on hold. If you are interested, please contact nomasterx.

At Arch Teapot, we come together and bring our laptops to upgrade the OS, break it, fix it and improve the system while learning new things about Linux, networking, mass-storage, package management, system architecture, software development, etc.

In the process, we collect ideas and documents here:


  • Be excellent to each other!
  • There is no such thing as a best Linux distro
  • We use Arch Linux, because we like it
  • True freedom is about choices
  • Learning is to do things for real
  • Learning and having fun are identical
  • Broken english is the language of the world
  • Other peoples computers should not to be touched