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Apron: Milliways, Photo: Ralph, Kitchen: Das Labor, Pudding: Eva

Would you like to get to know me? Wonderful, I would like to get to know you, too!


In my experience with student groups, social centres and activism, my (dis-)ability often lead to results, but I kind of felt limited. Of all the places in my past and current life, Chaosdorf is the most inspiring. Here I found out a lot about my personality, by seeing it reflected from other people. Also, I can follow my urge for doing things freely and get lots of encouragement by the collective. (Thank you!)


anarchist, feminist, non-binary, trans, asexual, vegan, cyclist, highly-sensitive, analytical thinker

pronouns: none - just call me "mic" please!


My activities with computers cover systems administration, web development and networking. And a bit of multimedia. My other favorite activities include cooking (and eating), touring with my bicycle, visiting places and meeting people.

Currently, I’m working on these projects:

  • Freifunk (internet for the people)
  • Netzwerk (Chaosdorf network, Internet and Wi-Fi)
  • Chaosdorf (construction of the hackspace)

Further topics of interest:

  • The Internet infrastructure (Routing, Peering, BGP etc.)
  • Linux, Ansible, Kubernetes, ceph, Prometheus, Grafana, etc.

Personal pages in this wiki:

  • Backup: about my backup strategy (obsolete)


Everything I’m involved with

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