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Short Talks[edit]

Starting at 21:00. 5 to 20 minutes per talk, up to 1 hour for everything.

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Linux Process Handling[edit]

A short talk about children, forks, reapers and zombies. Projector not required. --Derf

Crafting tablets based on old laptops[edit]

keyboard etc. are on the backside of the display
display on front

Presentation by operativex.

VRR Fake-Display[edit]

Software project by derfx to display VRR departure informations on a computer, emulating the look of the LED displays. project page.

Archlinux User Repository (AUR)[edit]

Short talk about PKGBUILDs and contributing to Arch Linux in general, by bytex (Arch User Group).


dockanex and feuerrotx give an update about Freifunk nodes in our neighborhood.