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13. Juli 12:00 Brunch
16. Juli 20:00 Plenum
18. Juli 18:00 Pythonfoo

Covid rules (current rules, still valid)

Throughout the Corona crisis, we have adapted our rules and our handling of it multiple times, more about this in German here. We have a few rules that are still valid we ask you to respect:

  • Masks have to be worn within the Chaosdorf for Freitagsfoo from Friday at 1600 until the end of the event, except within the Cave and the Lounge
  • Outside the Freitagsfoo, the mask obligation can be waived for some or all rooms if everyone present agrees
  • Whenever you visit us, we ask you to have done a negative Covid test recently
  • For those who forgot to do a Covid test or to carry a mask with themself, we also have FFP2 masks and Covid test kits available in our Seminarraum

The Not-only-for-Covid rule (valid forever ;)

Parallel to our hopefully last set of Covid rules, we have set one rule valid for all kinds of easily transmissible illnesses. You'll do both yourself and everyone else a favour by curing your transmissible illness first, so please respect this rule.

Generally speaking: In case of a cold, flu or similar, please stay at home

Independently of Corona and stuff, we would like to make it clear: If you have an acute respiratory infection, cold, flu, gastroenteritis or similar, please stay at home!

Who we are

Chaosdorf is an Erfa of the Chaos Computer Club and a Hackspace.

It is collaboratively run by members to work on technical projects, be creative, share skills, debate about social issues and have a lot of fun.

We are a non-profit membership organization (eingetragener Verein). Our decisions are based on consensus, though we have some legally obligatory roles and rules.

Where to find us (offline & online)

We are located in Sonnenstr. 58, Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way. (51°12'45.2"N 6°47'58.7"E)

You find directions on our wiki and a map entry on OpenStreetMap or on Google Maps.

Just drop by and get started. Guests are welcome at any time.

When it comes to the digital space, the best way to contact us is via our public chatroom on Matrix. Regarding our presence in other social networks and other ways to contact us, visit the page Communication.

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