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Security foo alpha
Ort Chaosdorf
Beteiligt barbieauglend, wirklichniemand

An event focused on "Security".

If you've got anything regarding the event, just ping barbieauglend.

(The items below are not firm yet and may change without notice).

Here's a list of all the events giving you a brief idea on what we're doing:

 Has description
Security-foo/2022-10-10Kernel 1
Security-foo/2022-10-24LKM development
Security-foo/2022-10-31LKM Dev (ioctl)
Security-foo/2022-11-07LKM and ioctls
Security-foo/2022-11-14LKM updates
Security-foo/2022-11-21LKMs hacking time
Security-foo/2022-11-28LKM hacking
Security-foo/2022-12-05LKM hacking away
Security-foo/2022-12-12Wrapping up LKMs and CRs
Security-foo/2022-12-19Security features wrapping up
Security-foo/2023-01-23New topic: Interrupts and Interrupt handling