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Me[edit | edit source]

I’m just another ‘tete-de-noeud’ in this world. I love astro- and solid state physics, rock climbing, reversing, malware, x86, SMM (?), side-channels, dancing, karaoke and the mountains.

You can find me storming things around during working hours and staring at binaries at night <3

Projects @ Chaosdorf[edit | edit source]

52455645525345 - Reverse Engineering Group[edit | edit source]

Reverse Engineering is fun! It's like a puzzle and if there is an algorithm out there that can solve this puzzle, it's your brain. =) I, barbieauglend, would love to take a look at compiled binaries with you and figure out together what the programs do. They are often a lot easier than you might think! If you are interested in RE, join us!

Assembly_x86 - x86 Group[edit | edit source]

We notice that a low level curiosity was there and it helps a lot to understand how Intel processors work, if one is interest in reverse engineering, compiler design, code optimization or OS design. I suggested another afternoon/evening working in the low level computing mechanisms of the Intel processors, understanding the Intel architecture and talking about the x86 assembly language. I expect a lot of fun and... that we are all able to understand at least the 20 most common x86 instructions. If you are interested in the x86 ISA, again, join us!

Security-foo - Security-foo[edit | edit source]

Mentor for platform security topics on Linux based environments. Come build, break, and fix stuff with us :)

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