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A Moon is a public terminal computer. It can be used by anyone to work freely. We will provide USB sticks which can be prepared for use on Moons. Without one, no data will be saved.

Moons boot a Arch Linux (i686) from their local hard drive. Swap is encrypted at random on boot. Host names are chosen from Jupiter’s moons, starting with ordinal number 1.

user stories[edit]


resolved (nomaster)

Users can log on as hitchhiker with any password (empty password). A tmpfs is freshly mount on guest’s home directory (pam_mount).

mount USB stick on login[edit]

resolved (nomaster)

If a usb stick with an LUKS volume is found, the provided password is used to open the container. If that succeeds, the contained file system is mounted (on top of tmpfs). If a container is found, but the password ist wrong, the user is presented with a login failure.

prepare USB stick[edit]

assigned (soulnet)

On the desktop, there will be a link to prepare a USB stick for usage. The user is presented with a password entry dialog and the provided password is used to set up an LUKS partition with a FAT file system. When the user loggs off and then logs in again with her password, the home directory will be initialized.