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Free Interstellar Networks
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Sub-Etha builds hackcenters on camps, provides network infrastructure, internet uplink and public terminals. We teach and share the idea of free, unhindered communication over the internet and beyond.


First bunch of hardware

Mobile Hackcenter[edit]

The mobile hackcenter is the center of our activity. It is built from donated hardware and travels around, appearing on camps and other temporary gatherings.

Main components[edit]

  • Star (center of network, internet uplink)
  • Planet (network distribution, core switches)
  • Moon (public terminals)
  • Asteroid (desktop switches, Freifunk nodes)

A self-contained flight case with rack-mounted components and upgrades like UPS, power distribution, etc. is suffixed with “Box” (i.e. StarBox).


We provide a helpdesk at the hackcenter, care about the network and organize workshops.


  • linux desktop installation on an encrypted filesystem
  • anonymous access to the net
  • email security with OpenPGP


We still need lots of hardware to connect every being in the universe.

If you have something, please bring it to Chaosdorf. Talk to us first if it’s rather old or broken. If you are willing to buy something for us, please consider the linked products.

  • laptop computers
  • desktop computers
  • server (19" housing)
  • flight cases
    • 5U Rack, 550 mm length – like this
  • network cables
  • LCD displays
    • we would love to have this
  • keyboards and mice


After accepting the hardware, we apply the following steps:

  1. Erase and test
    1. Zero out all harddisks
    2. Test memory (Memtest)
    3. Place “Managed by Sub-Etha” sticker
  2. Setup OS
    1. Copy image on hard drive
    2. Boot it up and test graphics
    3. Set hostname and place sticker with hostname