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Congress Everywhere
Art Meet-Up
Datum 2012-12-27
Start 10:00
Dauer 96h
Host nomasterx

Decentralized Congress streaming and happening in Düsseldorf. The Chaosdorf virtually attaches itself to the Congress Center Hamburg. Basically, similar infrastructure and rules of engagement apply. So we watch the lectures, get to know each other, work on our projects and have a lot of fun.

  • Admission: free! (please donate if you can)
  • Schedule here (lectures only)
  • Registration here (optional)


  • Three area live video streaming of the lectures
  • Hackerspace open for everyone all days and nights
  • Real Internet™ via Congress VPN
  • Wi-Fi abgn and Ethernet
  • Lounge area with sofas
  • Hackcenter with desks and printers
  • Club-Mate and its many friends
  • Electronics lab (start soldering!)
  • Fresh organic/vegan food by nomasterx
  • Respectful, friendly people („Endlich normale Leute“)

Stuff to bring (recommendations):

  • Laptop computer (make it safe)
  • Change money (for donation collectors)
  • Your medications (you may stay for a while)
  • Sleeping bag (if you want to crash somewhere)
  • Patch cable
  • Power strip