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Diese Seite auf Deutsch.
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Juni 03 19:00 Virtual gamedev
Juni 04 18:00 Virtual pythonfoo
Juni 05 18:00 Virtual Freitagsfoo

Our Space

Chaosdorf is an Erfa of the Chaos Computer Club and a Hackspace.

It is collaboratively run by members to work on technical projects, be creative, share skills, debate about political issues and have a lot of fun.

We are a non-profit membership organization (eingetragener Verein). Our decisions are based on consensus, though we have some legally obligatory executive committee.

Visit Us

We are located in Hüttenstraße 25, Düsseldorf, Germany, Europe, Earth, Milky Way. (51°12'59"N/6°47'1"E)

You find directions on our wiki and a map entry on OpenStreetMap, on Bing Maps, or on Google Maps.

Just drop by and get started. Guests are welcome at any time. You might want to check our IRC-channel to make sure that someone is present to open the door for you, just in case.

Do Things

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